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TEWU Cautions Its Members Of A Fraudulent Association Called ANTS

The local representatives of Teachers and Educational Workers’ Union (TEWU) of TUC, within the Kumasi Metropolis and in the districts in the Ashanti Region have warned its members to be more vigilant about a fraudulent group calling itself Association of Non-Teaching Staff (ANTS).

According to TEWU, the so-called group only exist to deceive and manipulate members of TEWU to break away from their mother association (TEWU).

In a press briefing on Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019, in Kumasi, Mr. Joseph Barley, the Kumasi Metro Chairman of TEWU indicated they were aware that, a group calling itself Association of Non-Teaching Staff was not a teaching staff association, but are professional teachers belonging to the Coalition of Concern Teachers Association who are also professionals in Fraud.

Again, information available to TEWU has it that, previous administration of the Association of Non-Teaching Staff, defraud the Association to gain riches within a shortest possible time, which led to their indictment.

TEWU is therefore, calling on its members that, the group (Association of Non Teaching Staff) is just misleading innocent non teaching staff in the Ghana Education Service for their selfish
interest and gains.

According to Mr. Barley, the so-called association, has nothing good to offer any member. “They cannot fix any challenge of any member in the union under the GES sector, except through miraculous means,” he added.

TEWU, is however informing its members to be aware of these greedy hungry Fraudsters, in order not to fall victims.

“We are however urging all Non-Teaching Staff under GES, to remain resolute behind TEWU while the leadership of the union is leaving no stone unturned to address all the pressing concerns of members,” Mr. Joseph Barley reiterated.


Story by: Samuel Agyei

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