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Reasons why Nabco-GES beneficiaries shouldn’t take November allowance

Nabco beneficiaries who have been absorbed into the Ghana Education Service are advised to resign their positions from the Nation Builders corps and in effect repay any amount received for the month of November.

Graduates who also got employed and worked some weeks in the month of November with any of government’s social intervention programs but resigned to GES in the same Month and so are eligible for payment are also suppose to return the monies if paid.

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This is technically because, everybody who got recruited through the GES double recruitment will be marked for payment in November, hence taking salary for the few weeks worked plus the GES November salary will be detected by GES as taking double salary which beneficiaries wont get the chance to explain why they took two salaries.

According to an expect who spoke to the editor of www.ghananewsalert.com if you squander such monies your GES account can be blocked after validation.

This is due to the Biometric system of payment being introduced. With this system, it is easy detecting any person receiving double salary from multiple government jobs. This can be detected by name, staff number, ezwich accounts etc.

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Eg. Akosua worked with the Nation Builders Corps for one week in the month of November, in the same month, she was recruited with the Ghana Education Service to start work from 8 November.

Because her documents has already being processed and sent to Accra, even though she resigned she was paid into her ezwich account she spent the money.

After working for three months with the Ghana Education Service, she could not receive her salary, but the true reason was that, at the controller and accountant general she has been tipped as taking double salary from the government.

She in effect had to pay for the damages caused before her money will be released. This will involve travelling back and forth to Accra, to justify why she took the amount.

Andrew was also convinced by the Assembly accountant to receive the forestry payment for the month of November and share with him, whiles he works around the clock for him.
later Andrew will suffer the troubles alone when tipped.

Mary also left her post with the School she was posted to by Nabco to teach science without resigning from Nabco to join the Ghana Education . After teaching for about 5 months, her friends have all received their salaries with the exception of her.

Investigations revealed that she has been receiving her Nabco allowance for five months without her notice. She in effect had to pay all the allowance for five months and satisfy other conditions before her salary is being rectified, even though she did not take the allowance what was her proof since she did not write any resignation letter yo support her claim.

The real truth behind this scenario is that, the accountant used dubious means to collect her salary. It is therefore important to resign from your position with Nabco and also keep a copy of the letter for future reference.

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