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PATAPAA (am ready to take kumchacha to court.)

The ( one corner) hitz maker patapaa has expressed his interest in what kumchacha said about him and ebony that ebony is demonic and him is also a devil.

I will take kumchacha to court to explain what he mean about buried of my CD because the man who call him self a pastor said he has sit on my CD which means he is working against me in spritual whiles I didn’t make any CD for my song so where did he get my CD from and this the same man talk against me, a week later I got an accident on my way after a show from eastern region.

And this man again talk against Ebony and the same girl went to get an accident on her way to Accra so it means this man no something about my accident and the same applies to Ebony’s accident so he will account for it in  court.


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