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Interview Appointment Booking

 All pre – validated applicants of Nabco are mandated to select suitable interview slot online from June 4, 2018 to July 25, 2018 whether they have received an email message or not.

Some applicants received text messages requesting them to log on to their portal and  register. To do so, just log on to


✔Log into the portal.
✔Enter your unique Email and password.
✔Now select your interview scheduling.

▶ *Date of interviews.*

▶ *Session (Morning or Afternoon)*

▶ *Preferred District*

▶ *Add 2nd and 3rd Modules*

▶ *Note: Check whether the phone number stated in that portal is your exact number.*
*If not, correct it before you save.*

The date selected should fall within these given timelines according to how the various programs interview has been arranged.

NABCO Interview Timelines (2018)
REVENUE Ghana: June 18 – June 25

DIGITISE Ghana: June 26 – July 2

FEED Ghana: July 3 – July 6

CIVIC Ghana: July 6 – July 10

ENTERPRISE Ghana: July 11 – July 16

EDUCATE Ghana: July 17 – July 21

HEAL Ghana: July 23 – July 25

Additionally, 2 other modules are suppose to be selected in addition to your already selected module, making it 3 modules  in all.

This is to help you get employed in other modules if your  selected module get full.

NB: You can not be able to finalise your forms if you don’t choose the right date plus the 2 additional  modules.

From June 4 to June 15, you can log on to NABCO’s website and use your unique code to select an appointment date. You then get an opportunity to select a 2nd and a 3rd module to improve your chances of getting selected.

Note: Interviews will be conducted in your respective districts.

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  1. I cant log on to the website. The response I keep getting is "oops something went wrong"
    I have been trying since Monday.
    Do u have any solution to this problem

    I Have tried to contact the support center but I got no response

  2. get the caffe and ask that they do it for you okay, cos time is running

  3. Plz I can’t book for my interview schedule cos they keep telling me to wait for prevalidation if it will be successful n time if also running pls can I get any help

    • Philemon Buabeng

      Yes about 16000 duplicate accounts has been deleted. Others are also being validated to ensure they don’t have duplicate accounts. You visit the Nabco site too and put your complain there

  4. Please I have not received the sms what should I do

  5. please help me out because i have the needed messages but cannot book my appointment always nabco application is closed.

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