5 June 2018 l Kweku Bee Abrante


YES !!, every applicant of NABCO is mandated to send his documents for submission at the district office.

The selected office is the Regional , Municipality or district YEA office a candidate selected. NABCO  is currently operating in YEA offices together with YEA officials.

Below is the list of Documents you need to present


Applicants are currently expected to go back into their portal and select interview dates, whether morning section or afternoon.

No, fresh applications are no longer allowed again. Processing of application is what is being done now. Fresh candidates who couldn’t register before 1st June 2018 will have to wait for the next session of NABCO to register.


Yes every applicant is suppose to report back to his portal and book an interview and date he wants to go for an interview.

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  1. I received a message from nabco that I should book for an interview date. I have forgotten my password but if I enter my gmail account, they tell me that my gmail doesn't exist in the system. Please I would like to know the problem.

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  3. I booked my interview date on Thursday, 14th of June. Will my documents be accepted on the next working day ( Monday ) since Friday 15th is a holiday and being the last day too?

  4. Richmond Awotwe

    I booked my interview date which I receive an sms that I have successfully booked my interview but a week later I receive another sms from Nabco telling me to book another date for my interview because holidays and weekend is not part for Civic. I try to change the date but both 9th and 10th July is full for my district. The only option was to change the district and I have done it. My question is a have already submitted my print out and other document to the first district I chose must I submit another print out to the second distric..

  5. May i ask are the district YEA offices also part of the district municipal assemblies? Or we are to go specifically to a YEA district office.

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