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Maame Yaa Duodua, A proudly Akuapem Trained Daughter

Western culture has eluded our rich traditional way of training up our children as Africans.

Many has lost the hope of getting back to the great and pure African values our forefathers lived with.

But, in the case of Maame Yaa Duodua, a product of the University of Cape Coast has proven to young and old, that,  its never too late for as an Africans to live as discipline as we were of old.

Maame Yaa Duodua, a twenty-three year old graduate, despite her academics, sells palm wine. According to her, she has since the age of eight been in the palm wine business.

“I grew up to see my granny selling and mum in the Palm wine business so I have also been in the business from birth”. Maame Yaa said.

Currently, Maame Yaa Duodua is a teacher attached to Adonteng Senior High School in the Eastern Region of Ghana. She closes from school and come back home to continue her palm wine business helping the grandmother and mother to sell.

” I’m not ashamed at all, but I’m rather proud of it. It is out of this my education came from, and I have come to what ever level of education today because of this business”. She added.

Maame Yaa was hopeful to one day used her achieved academics to transform the palm wine business into a great entrepreneurial to also created job for other young men and women.

“I know one day, this will be a big asset to me, and I will employ more people even ministers to sell palm wine”. She added.

As how to raised fund to make her dream a reality, she said, ” I know one day the heavenly helper will show up” if I also chance on government or any private person support this will not only be a dream”. She hopefully said.

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