Staff of the Mental Health Unit of Cape Coast Metro Hospital,on Wednesday,31st January,2018 paid a visit to the newly established autism centre,AUTISM COMPASSION AFRICA located at Ola Estate,Cape Coast.

The Psychiatric Nurses visited the centre basically to have a view of the centre as it has just started its services about 3months ago and also to establish rapport with the management and interact with some of the autistic children who has currently been enrolled in the school.

Mr.Shadrack Otoo,a Senior Staff Mental health  Nurse who lead the team to the Centre also in an interview added that,their visit was to officially inform the Centre  of the Mental Health Unit readiness to support the Autism Centre in anyway their service will be needed to achieve a successful therapy for the children with autism as Autism happens to be one of the major Neurological cases identified in children.

Mr. Eric Ati Kwarteng,a  Behaviour Technician of the Centre in an interview placed emphasis on the vision and the mission of the Centre……

 “Autism Compassion Africa provides breakthroughs for children with autism and their communities in Ghana through the application of evidenced-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy”.

“We envision a social system that provides support for all children with autism in Ghana, for their families to be able to thrive, and for the child to have increased independence to lead a meaningful life as a member of the greater social community” …he added.

“Here at Autism Compassion Africa, with our competent qualified  Behavioural technicians, we operate under one student to one teacher basis to enable us achieve a successful therapy for our students and of course our School fees is very moderate “…. he further added.

The visit finally came to an end after an interaction session with some of the autistic children who were going through their therapy.

The Management of the Autism Compassion Africa expressed their gratitude to the Mental Health Nurses and requested to have frequent visits from them to the centre since their profession also matters in the care of children with Autism.

Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder(PDD) which are characterized by widespread abnormalities of social interactions and communication and severely restricted interests and highly repetitive behavior.
These symptoms do not imply sickness, fragility, or emotional disturbance.
It’s known to be caused by Genetic and environmental factors and can be managed with  Early speech and behavioral interventions.

Story by: Abena MzTina (Okokroko Fm/Psychiatric Nurse_0248920044)

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