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GLICO Provides Insurance Cover For Kaiser Flats Demolition

Gemini Life Insurance Company (GLICO) has provided an insurance package for the demolition of the four dilapidated Kaiser flats in Tema community four.

The four Kaiser flats were early this year declared disaster prone zone by the National Disaster Management Organisations NADMO.

Due to this, demolition of the flats has become a necessity to avoid unwanted disaster.

The 48 Engineering Corp of the Ghana Armed Forces has been entrusted the demolition exercise.

The GLICO GROUP has provided an insurance cover to personnel from the 48 Engineering Corp who will undertake the exercise. Residents around the area who will be directly or indirectly affected is been covered with the package.

The package includes;


This cover is basically to protect the public from
(a) Accidental bodily injury (whether fatal or not);
(b) Accidental loss of or damage to property; (surrounding properties such as houses and cars etc)
GLICO will therefore bear
The legal costs recoverable by any claimant from  48 ENGINEERS;


This cover is basically to protect the work force used in     the demolition from
(a)   Death  
(b)  Permanent Disablement
(c) Temporary total disablement of the workmen from attending to or following any occupation.
d) Expenses (including operation fee cost of surgical appliances and nursing home or hospital charges) necessarily incurred.

After stakeholders consultation, the demolition exercise will soon began.

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