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GES goes 100% digital with teacher recruitment exercise

Unlike the usual recruitment exercise, where newly recruited teachers have to fill their records and documents severally because what they had filled got lost or when teachers will have to wait so many months for their salaries because a district or regional director wrongfully misplaced his filled documents, the Ghana Education Service has moved 100% digital in their quest to prevent most of these happenings and also in line with Ghana’s Digital Transformation agenda.

As part of the process, all newly recruited teachers of the Ghana Education Service are requested to visit the GES portal www.gespromotions.gov.GH to login using the new entrant caption to provide all basic information regarding their recruitment.

The Information includes Personal Record Form, IPPD information and uploads of certificates such as the assumption of duty form and other relevant certificates.

Other information requested are as follows

1. Job (Rank)

2. Grade

3. Point

4. Position

5. Payroll

6. Employment category

All new recruits are to first complete the Original New Entrant Form (.i.e Hard copy from CAGD) with assistance from Payroll Coordinators and upon receipt of their copy of the completely filled and endorsed New Entrant Form, proceed online to complete the digitized form using their copy.

The digitized online form will only be accepted after all relevant attachments are uploaded (ie Certificates, assumption of duty letters etc.

The portal for the new entrant form is currently shut down under maintenance and will be opened to newly recruited teachers to fill their details after the necessary changes have been effected .

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