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Exclusive interview with Kwadwo Nkansah

kinxentertainment:Good day sir.And how are u doing Weezy:Good my bro.Am doing fine by Grace.Hope you too.l think. Kinxentertainment:Ohk, you already answer me so how things going in the music industry.As everyone wish to no so we just come to discuss things with you and your Experience in it. Weezy:Ohk.Thank you for approaching.Things are complicated but we think through God things can be cool.We used to suffer at first but now things are also cooling down.Music is really good cause it removes stress from people,sometimes it help people’s to recover from sorrow and Sadness. Kinxentertainment:So what’s the challenge’s now and how do you feel now. Are you going to quit music and focus on movie now or what. Weezy:Ammmmmm,thanks for asking me that but as you no,Kwaku Manu can never end my music career because he is not a musician and besides that Kwaku Manu was once an actor.And couldn’t make it in the music industry.I hit over 24k in Youtube for my music video.But Kwaku Manu is not even reaching 10k of it so is because he is not my co-equal.As you all now.He want to become fumos again through me but my funs is not minding him.So l think people should stop this jelours and focus on theirs and stop that bullshit and make their own hit. Kinxentertainment:But Weezy we did ask you about Kwaku Manu and why all this.Ohk let quit.Patapaa now changed to Patapeezy said you are thief so people should not support your stupidity and jokes.Is it true? Weezy:Oh for Patapaa,he is not a musician. Kinxentertainment:Aaaah,Saaaa,Ohk,Why Weezy:Patapaa is a comedian like me but couldn’t make hit and couldn’t make name in his comedy shows so,this sweduru guys thought it wise that l have become hit in the music industry so they should try Patapaa and beside that l wrote the one corner.And beg for it so l sold it to them over 1billion and thought it wise to remix it. Kinxentertainment:Ohk Kwadwo Nkansah(lil weyne)aka bigbwoy weezy we thank you for this exclusive interview.We promise to imege close when things are complicated again. Weezy:Ohk kinxentertainment you hot and good blogger now. Kinxentertainment:we thank you Bra Kwadwo.

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