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Audio: Anyidoho calls Kwamena Duncan “Nonsense” over Atta Mills Library comment



The Deputy General Secretary (Operations ) of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kweku Anyidoho has called ‘comments’ made by the  Central Regional Minister, Hon. Kwamena Duncan, over government’s inability to commit money into the Atta Mills Memorial Library because of it’s private nature as’ nonsense’ and loose comments.

According to Kweku Anyidoho, the fact that Kwamena Duncan didn’t meet documents on the Library doesn’t mean it Should left to rot.

“ Somebody should tell Kwamena Duncan, that he is no longer on radio speaking ‘rubbish’, he is now a minister of state. What he has said is total rubbish, let him  come and dare me .
If you say The library was not in your handing over notes, was the RCC in your handing over notes?? Was Ankaful, CAPVAS and Mfantsipim in your handing over notes??” he asked.

He made the comments on Okokroko fm’s flagship morning show program “Anopa Donn” hosted by Osahene Kwame Dapaah.

Reacting to the allegations, the Central Regional Minister, Honorable Kwamena Duncan still insisted that, government cannot fund a private property because it is in memory of the former president or the  University of Cape Coast has been tagged to manage it.

 The Central regional minister, Kwamena Duncan is quoted to have stated that Government  cannot release funds to support the John Evans Atta Mills Presidential Library in Cape Coast because the memorial and research facility is a private initiative.

The two-storey building, situated opposite the Cape Coast Castle in the Central Region, has been under lock and key few months after it was inaugurated and handed over to the University of Cape Coast because there is no budget to fund the facility.

The Central Regional Minister, Kwabena Duncan, told the Daily Graphic newspaper that “this facility is purely a private enterprise to immortalize President Mills, so government cannot commit funds to running it.”
He said because the project was a private initiative such as Presidents Kufuor and Rawlings’ foundations, no government funds could be released to fund the library.

“Besides, when I was taking over as Minister, nothing on President Mills’ Library was included in my hand over notes, so we can’t fund,” he said.

The Library was inaugurated by former President John Mahama on July 24, 2016, to coincide with the anniversary of the death of President Mills.

The facility has a 100-capacity auditorium, 45-seater multi-media centre, seminar rooks and a museum that holds historical materials that reflect the life and works of the late President.

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