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Koti song was to project the positive aspect of weed – Ayesem

Shocks Entertainment signed rapper and hip life artist, Ayesem has finally opened up on the main motive behind his hit song “Koti” released in 2018

The song’s video which ends with the caption stop drug abuse according to many Ghanaians rather promotes the use of the herb than speak against it.

This has been confirmed in an interview with Kweku Bee Abrante on #HangoutwithKBA# on #WizGh TV#. Ayesem disclosed that, although he is not into drugs and will not encourage the use of drugs, it is time Ghanaians stop being hypocrites, focus on the positive effects of weed and stop always portraying the negative aspect.

“Weed has lots of positive effects and cures variety of disease like epilepsy etc. Why hate on people who use it and arrest them? Let’s look into the positive side which can earn the country some money”

Asked whether he will call for it’s legalisation, he responded in the affirmative and called on the Government to legalise it and engage in it’s export to generate foreign revenue.

Responding to a question posed to him by Kweku Bee Abrante on why he changed his name from Sketches to Ayesem, the versatile hip hop, hiplife artist and rapper
disclosed that current stage name Ayesem was given to him by former Sass Squad and TH4 Kwages member, Atsu Koliko on a rap battle show on Melody Fm who used to be an in house judge in Takoradi.

“Any time, it was my turn to rap, Atsu Koliko woud go like , Yoo the Ayesem guy is in, so the fans also started calling me Sketches Ayesem and with time the name changed completely to Ayesem.

Click to watch the full interview

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