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MCE chases MABS Transport VIP buses out of Cape Coast

CEO of Mabs Transport services, a private transport firm based in Cape Coast has expressed worry about the behavior of the MCE of Cape Coast, Ernest Arthur for locking up his VIP buses for 3 days and subsequently stopped the company from operating VIP buses in and around Cape Coast.

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Speaking on Okokroko Fm morning show hosted by Osahene Kwame Dapaah Asare, the CEO for Mabs Transport, Alhaji Manna, revealed that the MCE and Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly locked his VIP buses that were loaded with students passengers on board to Kumasi for three days without any better reasons.

Responding to why the MCE could take such an action,Alhaji Manna, explained that, the company expanded their business by introducing a new fleet of busses known as VIP busses which will operate from Cape Coast to Kumasi and other places after acquiring a general license to operate Transport Business at the same venue where they operate Ford buses as is being done by other transport operators in Cape Coast.

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He added that , some of the transport operators in Cape Coast operate about 4 four to five fleets . Eg is GPRTU operating 207 buses, Fish, Yutong, VIP, stanbic etc and yet doesn’t breach any law then why does MABS transport beach a law when they add VIP buses to their already existing Ford buses ?? he asked?

Reacting to the issues on Okokroko FM with Osahene Kwame Dapaah on Okokroko FM, the Public Relations Officer for the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly, Richmond Yeboah responded that Mabs transport had only acquired a license to operate Ford buses and not VIP buses, hence if they now want to operate VIP buses they they have to apply for a new license which can be accepted or rejected by the assembly

He continued that, the assembly also has the responsibility to protect the native businesses from collapsing and so they can not just allow others to just add up to their fleet without the Assemblies notice.

Explaining why the old stations operate lot of fleets he explained they are mother stations and have existed very long since they started operations and again have also acquired the needed license to operate such multiple fleet.

Speaking on why they locked the busses for three days, Richmond Yeboah stated that, it is the punishment for people who do not obey laws of the assembly.

A report filed by the managers of Mabs transport to the Central Regional Minister, Honorable Kwamena Duncan yielded no results as he also agreed with the Municipal Chief Executive, Honorable Ernest Arthur that, they allow Mabs transport operate only their Ford buses or the new VIP buses and forfeit one despite readiness of Mabs transport to pay any amount or penalty to be able to operate in the Cape Coast.

Kweku Bee Abrante of Okokroko Fm and www.ghananewsalert.com at the time of filing this report can confirm that all VIP buses brought to Cape Coast Ford Station has been sent back to Accra.

Source: www.ghananewsalert.com

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