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Documents and steps needed to process GES appointment letters

After printing your appointment letter Be notified that you all need to go for medical report

You will take along your appointment letter for the medical report and then proceed to Regional office to submit your documents

At the Regional office you will need to submit the following documents to the regional office.

1. Appointment letter

2. Degree certificates

3. Birth certificate

4. Identification card, National Id preferably.

5. 2 Passport pictures

6. Acceptance letter

Immediately appointment letters are released and announced, quickly visit online to check whether you have been selected or not. If you have been selected, print out your appointment letter.

This is because, when you delay, people with similar names as yours, can manufacture ways to get access to use it especially when these people have not been selected. This happened in the just ended limited recruitment.

Secondly, those with connection men should ensure your appointment letters are downloaded from the GES website and not delivered by hand. This is because if your appointment letters are by hand, it may be fake to an extent, but you will not be able to notice it until during verification process, by that time the connection man had left. This happened to lots of guys who had their letters but couldn’t get verified.

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Remember that, in this computer era people, are so good at using the computer, photo shop etc to create all kinds of documents which can not be detected. The sure rest ways of dealing with connection men is to sure you also get your letter downloaded from the GES site.

In addition to this information, please crosscheck your details eg. your name, address, programme of study, school attended etc, whether it matches with the information you provided earlier, if it doesn’t, quickly get it rectified to ensure you have the correct name else it it can also affect you during verification, processing of salaries or future audits. This is because there are lots of names that are similar.

Also ensure that you have been given the right course of study. Eg. If you studied BA Fante Education, and you have been given Mathematics or Dagbani to teach, remember that, it will affect you in future audits if you dont get it rectified.

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After receiving your appointment letter, there is a contract, which you are given 48 to 72hours to accept the offer by signing and leaving it with your Regional of District Education office.

Try as much as possible to
Send your signed appointment letters to your various Regional Educational offices rather than District offices, this because, the district will wait to get a number of the documents before sending it to the Regions for unward processing, thus if your hours to accept of decline the offer passes without it delivered to the region to be forwarded to Accra, what that means is, you have indirectly rejected the offer, which isn’t your fault, yet you will face the consequences.

It therefore mostly advisable you submit your letters to the Regional office, or ensure it is sent quickly if you happen to take it to the district.

After submission, there is also lots of others processes that you will have to follow to ensure you are verified, you have you staff ID. In the whole of the process ensure you leave a valid phone number to respond to calls and messages quickly and promptly on time.


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You can possible take a contact of a friend in the Education office to ensure he feeds you information directly from the office.

This is because, you may not always get a text message or call directly, although you are suppose to, compounded with the fact that, most offices are not receiving the requisite support they need from Government.

To be on the safer side, you are expected to check regularly from your insiders to react to every new information.

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