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2018 GES Recruitment Updates : GES set to release appointment letters

22 October, 2018 I 6: 54 am
The Ghana Education Service after rigorous exercise aimed at recruiting qualified and professional teachers for the double track system scheduled to take off this September has finally rounded up the entire process of recruiting graduates.

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According to a reliable source who spoke on condition of anonymity to the news editor of www.ghananewsalert.com, he confirmed that, the Ghana Education Service has finalised all documentation on postings and appointment letters for most of the regions and are left with just about 3 regions to complete the entire recruitment process , which they have also earmarked to complete by ending of October.

Asked why this particular GES recruitment exercise has taken that long, he answered it because, everything this time will be done from Accra with consultation from the Regional Directors of the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the National Teachers Council, (NTC) from postings to issuing of appointment letters and that, the regional offices will be tasked to receive and relay documents , such as acceptance letters, birth certs etc and process it to Accra.

He revealed this change of programme will reduce the high rate of protocol that parades the regional offices during recruitment process and give fair grounds to qualified candidates who participated in all examinations undertaken by Ghana Education Services (GES).

He continued that, after about some weeks of successfully posting all qualified candidates who have already written their NTC exams, the regions will then be tasked to work on qualified candidates who would also be made to sit for the National Teachers Council (NTC ) exams.

This system will be very different compared to the previous system where the regional offices does the postings and other tedious tasks.

He assured that, all work should be completed by end of October and postings released by 1st November, 2018 all things being equel.


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He further cautioned all candidates to keep all documents needed for the exercise very safe and up to date, in order not to waste time, when letters are issued out. He called for the following documents to be made available

Academic Certificates
Ssnit number
Birth Certificate
Bank Account etc

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Source: www.ghananewsalert.com

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